Buddha Maya Gardens Resort by KGH Group | Lumbini, Nepal

Facilities & Activities

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Hotel Features
- 70 fully air-conditioned rooms
- 10 Apartment stly AC rooms
- 24 hours silent generator back-up
- Attached bathroom
- Telephone & in-room Internet Service
- Free Wi-Fi Service
- Communication Center
- 24 hours Reception & Cashier
- Multi-Cuisine Restaurant & Bar
- Ample Parking for pricate car & bus
- In-house Meditation Grotto
- Jogging Track & Lotus Pond
- Laundry Service
- Convienient & Gift Shop
- Conference Hall & Facilities

Lumbini has a wealth of cultural activities to do while visiting. Apart from the main international temples situated close to the hotel, we highly recommend hiring a bicycle to explore the sites a little further away, and hiring a car to take you to the ancient ruins of Kapilovastu is also well worth while.

Within walking distance from the hotel you will discover:
- Maya Devi Temple - a relief depicting the nativity.
- Ashoka Pillar - a stone pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 B.C. to mark the birthplace of Buddha.
- The Sacred Pond where Buddha's mother bathed after giving birth.
- Eternal Peace Flame.
- Myanmar Temple - A gleaming gold and white structure soaring in the sky.
- Gautami Nuns Temple - A replica of the Swayambu Stupa in Kathmandu.
- Chinese Temple - An impressive gathering of pagodas and prayer rooms in the middle of which is placed a huge statue of Buddha.
- Korean Temple - A finest architectural representation of Korea.
- Vietnamese Temple.
- Bajrayana's ritual place.
- Dharma Swami Vihara.
- Marker Stone.
- Many other ancient archeological ruins.

Places to visit by three-wheeler or mountain bike:
- Lumbini Museum where you can find for Mauryan Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terra-cotta, stone and metal sculpture and icons
- Lumbini International Research Institute which provides 12,000 books and periodicals on religion, philosophy, art and architecture
- IUCN Wetland Park - to see the extremely endangered antelope blue bulls (Nilgai), Sarus cranes and other wetland birds
- Japanese Peace Stupa - Nepal's tallest Buddha statue
- Thai Temple
- Sri Lankan Temple and Guest House, and 18 more monasteries of India, Germany, and many international Buddhist organizations.