Eco Stay – Go Green

Kathmandu Guest House

“Environmentally Conscious Hotel”
Best Green Practices

At the Kathmandu Guest House, we have always been aware that tourism causes significant impact to the natural and social environment of any destination in both negative and positive ways. To this end we have practiced a long standing ‘Green Best Practice’ policy.

Besides having a huge garden to enhance greenery with a rich and wide diversity of plants, KGH commits to ethical managerial and business practices to reduce carbon footprint in the daily operation of the hotel.

KGH Best Green Practices:

1. Creation of “ The Green Team”:

Formation of an inter-departmental team to ensure our ‘Green Code’. This team brings awareness, instigates, and monitors procedures to implement the environment friendly practices.

2. Guest rooms – as eco-friendly as possible:

  • Plastic reduction: We provide reusable bottles in all rooms, and have refilling water stations conveniently placed around the hotel.
  • We provide reusable coffee mugs and glasses, avoiding plastic/Styrofoam.
  • Please reuse your towels where possible, helping to reduce the use of laundry water, detergent and electricity.
  • Our soaps and shampoos consist of organic materials, from certified free-trade manufacturers, using biodegradable packaging.
  • All rooms have energy saving LED light bulbs.
  • Low flush toilet and shower-heads to reduce water usage.
  • Sanitary bags made from newspapers.
  • Placement of recycling trash bins in public areas.
  • Our rooms are furnished with natural sustainable materials, by local craftsmen.

3. Dining:

  • Our menu mainly consists of ‘organic’ vegetables & Free range-meat products.
  • Single portions of yogurt, butter and jam at the breakfast buffet placed in glass containers to not use the packaged ones.
  • No plastic: We use reusable dishes, silverware, glasses and ceramic mugs

4. Local sourcing:

  • We source our vegetables and supplies locally, supporting local farmers and businesses, hence reducing transport carbon emissions.

5. Waste management and control:

  • Rain water, excess from garden irrigation, and grey water from our in-house STP (sewage treatment plant) is used for gardening and cleaning of public areas.

6. Incorporate Technology:

We endeavor to provide most of our information via technological solutions using internet & mobile apps to reduce paper and printing.
Printing paper is sourced from recycled paper companies.

7. Procurement:

We endeavor to practice sustainable purchasing,
choosing products that have been re-cycled, can be re-cycled, and choose non-toxic products.

– Office supplies, writing pads, and pens
– Light bulbs
– Cleaning supplies, sanitizers, and adhesives
– Paper products
– Paint

8. Waste management and control:

Waste is segregated into degradable and non-degradable.
All organic waste from our kitchens are composited and used for sustainable gardening

9. Energy management and audit:

The Hotel undergoes regular energy consumption audits, to ensure optimal energy use. Implementation of recommendations allows us to reach short and long-term carbon emission targets.
In addition to Key-cards, our IDiakin lighting sensors automatically turn lights on or off, or brighten and dim as required.
Regularly serviced generators ensure low noise and low fuel consumption with maximum electricity output.

Earth has protected and nurtured us since the beginning of time.
We are all just guests here, in this moment and time.

Everything we do, let’s safeguard our Mother Earth.

Environmental Impact Assessment
EIA Certified Hotel
by the Government of Nepal

– Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation
– Ministry of Forests and Environment