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Kathmandu Guest House Winner of 2018 Experts' Choice Award

Kathmandu Guest House Reviews Kathmandu Guest House Reviews
This is really really special!! Less than 2% of Hotels worldwide receive this award. The award is based on over 1 million reviews from 85 publications and is awarded to only the most outstanding hotels. Unlike other awards, Experts' Choice is pioneering in that it takes into account only expert reviews from travel guides, magazines, newspapers and other respected sources. Congratulations to us all!!

Our Story

Established 1968, KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts is Nepal’s leading hotel chain with 7 eco-friendly hotels under its flagship. Karna Sakya, founder of KGH Group, is hailed as the father of tourism in Nepal. He has been given credit for putting Nepal on the tourist map. He is renowned for opening the Kathmandu Guest House in 1968, the company’s first hotel which was instrumental in starting adventure tourism in the country and creating the famous tourism hub of Kathmandu - Thamel.

Many renowned writers, mountaineers, researchers and artists have come and left their footprints at our hotels. The KGH Group today has grown from 13-room Guest House in Thamel that hosted the hippies and the mountaineers to a 500 room hotel chain in all the popular tourism destinations of Nepal.

Under the famous Pomelo tree in the KGH gardens, where once you could spot a celebrity like Tony Wheeler, founder of Lonely Planet writing a book, today we continue to host technology savvy travelers in their laptops and cell phones along with international pop stars like Ricky Martin and Jeremy Irons who prefer to stay in a homegrown brand like KGH rather than the popular five stars of the world.

KGH Corporate Social Responsibility

At the KGH, we believe that being entrepreneurs and contributing to the nation’s economy is not an end by itself, it should lead to higher goals for your social and community well being. The Board of Directors of the KGH Group of Hotels are very active in various social areas ranging from environment, health, women and youth empowerment, and migrant labor support.

  1. KGH has a pro-active and on-going program with Maiti Nepal for the training and employment of women who have been subjected to trafficking - with the aim of rehabilitating them back into society. KGH has so far employed more than 25 girls from Maiti Nepal and some of them are now married and leading normal lives.
  2. The KGH is also further helping the trafficked victims by designing an income generating and entrepreneurial project whereby they can get jobs and be self reliant. A bigger awareness program on trafficking of the girl child is also being worked on with various media partners.
  3. Menstruation is a taboo in Nepal and many women and girls are seen to be untouchables during...

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Thamel has now been declared a vehicle free zone

Dear Guests,

We would like to inform you that Thamel has now been declared a vehicle free zone from 8 am – 10pm.  It is very good news as vehicle free zones have immense benefits to the environment, the neighborhood and businesses in the area.

We are making an effort to make the transition as smooth as possible for our guests

Thank you for understanding and helping us make Thamel a vehicle free zone.

KGH Management