Roshan Dangol

Contemporary Artist


Portraiture as a form of art is incredibly difficult to learn and even more difficult to master. The door to the soul lies in the face, it is the soul that has to be captured by a portrait and therein lies the difficulty. Roshan Dangol, born in 1990 at Teku, has mastered this skill. His portraits display a wonderful sense of kinetics where one can figure out the motion that the subject was going through before the portrait was captured.

Dangol gave up studying science in high school and started over with studying art at Lalit Kala Campus where he completed his intermediate and bachelor’s degree in fine art. Throughout his duration studying Dangol would consistently be one of the best in his classes and well as achieve outstanding results in any competitions he participated in including first places in the Lalit Kala Art Competition and the 2558th Buddha Jayanti Art Competition.

Dangol sees portraiture as an intimate art form, almost as if he’s having a conversation with his subject as it is being painted. According to Dangol the aim, of portraiture is to capture the emotions and the collective experiences of the individual and display it as such, one should be able to almost question in their mind what each scar, each mark on the face means. Suffering, joy, grief, happiness, frustration, all collectively make a person who they are now. A good portrait not only captures the present state of its subject but also transcends time to show their past experiences and future dreams.

His art is fueled by an obsession, a passion unique to him to bring back portraiture into the limelight of art from which it was taken out. Asks Dangol, if God exists within us all, why do we only worship and pay heed to Gods painted through metaphor, why not pay respects to individual beings who have the true essence of the divine?