KGH Group – CSR

KGH Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR

The KGH Foundation, a part of the KGH Group of Hotels and Resorts, was established to instigate and manage the groups Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Firstly to improve our own practices in all our hotels. Secondly, to focus on health, education, environment and to provide social, economic & welfare support for the underprivileged.

KGH Foundation – Giving back to society.

The KGH Group CSR program has a deep meaning to the lives of our Board of Directors. It reflects that our lives have been affected similarly to those we seek to help. We have both lost and saved loved ones to
cancer. In addition we have worked with victims sold to brothels and personally feel about the issues we work for.

Food Distribution Camp during COVID Pandemic

The KGH-Foundation, Museum of Nepali Art distributed food packets to the homeless people during COVID Lockdown.

Karna Positive Trust – building a stronger Nepal

A nation-wide pro-active awareness program, initiated by our Founder Karna Sakya, to foster positive thinking.

Renovation of Kanti Oncology Ward

The KGH-Foundation, along with Monsalvat Asia, renovated the Kanti Oncology Ward. Previously unsuitable and unhygienic for child cancer patients, this major face lift has led to better conditions and treatments.

Cancer Hotline.

KGH Motor Rally – Kathmandu to Pokhara is a yearly event to raise support for The Nepal Cancer Society and the Cancer Helpline.

Fostering Educational opportunities

Fostering Educational opportunities Under-resourced students are offered subsidized/sponsored places
at our Residency Training Institution at Park Village Resort, to enable them to enter the work-force.

Women Hygiene: Menstruation a ‘taboo’

Women and girls are often regarded as unclean during menstruation, resulting in girls missing school and women forced into Chaupadi (menstrual huts). Beni Handicrafts produces Freedom Kit-Bags (washable sanitary pads), which KGH-Foundation purchases and distributes free of charge to remote villages.

Maiti Nepal

Rehabiliting trafficked girls, rescued by Maiti Nepal by providing relevant work training that allows them to get jobs in KGH Hotels and reintroduced into society with respect.


KGH Foundation’s Cultural Involvement

Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA)

Collection of the country’s finest traditional and contemporary art

Heritage and Culture Support

Supporting projects related to the preservation of Newari and Buddhist traditions.

Environmental Impact Assessment

EIA Certified Hotels
by the Government of Nepal

– Ministry of Forests and Environment
– Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation

Kathmandu Guest House, Thamel, Kathmandu
Park Village Resort, Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu
Maruni Sanctuary Lodge, Chitwan

  • Upgrade of generators, for minimum diesel consumption.
  • Energy saving CFL & LED light bulbs.
  • Key Card master switch to automatically turn off the lights.
  • Use of low flow toilet and shower-heads to reduce water usage.
  • KGH-in house mineral water plant.
  • STP – Sewage Treatment Plant to recycle solid waste & bathroom water.
  • Linen and towel re-use to save water, energy and detergent.
  • All our water bottles and liquid toiletries bottles are re-cycled.
  • Menu, newspapers all paper usage are re-cycled.
  • Paints are of low lead level.
  • Garbage is segregated into degradable and non-degradable.
  • We collect all partially used soap bars and deliver them to The Eco Soap Bank, for recycle..
Our Staff.

Food for Life
– KGH Staff contribute from their annual wage to Food for Life, who provides free lunches to school children in need.
Environmental Activities.
– On the yearly occasion of World Tourism Day our staff partake in various projects including cleaning the shoreline of Phewa Lake (Pokhara), Budhanilkantha Temple (Kathmandu) and Shree: Gha Temple (Kathmandu)