Museum of Nepali Art


The Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA) occupies a unique position in the art world because of its focus on Nepali artistic practices and traditions. Nepali art is a reflection of the country’s culture and soul, with an artistic history spanning over two millennia. The museum houses a collection of Nepali art that covers both its religious traditions and more recent secular manifestations. Through regular exhibitions, it explores the historic and cultural influences on Nepali art practices to encourage a better understanding, appreciation and promotion of Nepali art and artists.

Situated in the Kathmandu Guest House, Museum of Nepali Art (MoNA) aims to make the artworks of past and present Nepali master artists easily accessible to everyone. It seeks to expand knowledge, interest and awareness around these artistic practices.

Most great works of Nepali art have been denied a wider audience, being housed in private collections or as a part of limited exhibitions in Nepal and abroad. MONA breaks this barrier, presenting masterpieces to a wider and all-inclusive public.

The museum documents conserve and preserves the country’s artistic heritage. Periodically changing thematic exhibitions on Nepali art will run throughout the year to keep visitors engaged and encourage them to revisit the museum.