Our Restaurant

Maharajah Restaurant

Step into a realm of sensory delight as our chefs artfully craft a symphony of authentic Nepali and Indian dishes, taking you on a culinary journey through the vibrant tapestry of South Asia’s diverse culinary traditions. Immerse yourself in the regal ambiance of Maharajah Restaurant, where each dish is a masterpiece, and every moment is a celebration of both tradition and innovation.

Cater Garden

You can also wine and dine in our beautiful neoclassical garden named after the iconic visit of former President Jimmy Carter in 2008. As you wander amidst lush flora and curated landscapes, cast your gaze upon the timeless 1935 mansion that stands as a testament to an era gone by. This garden not only pays homage to the auspicious visit that oversaw the monumental election recognizing the Maoists as a ruling party but also invites you to reflect on the profound moments that shape our shared human narrative.

Moonshine Patio Bar

Elevate your experience with a visit to Moonshine Bar, our exquisite patio bar that casts a spellbinding ambiance under the shimmering night sky. Whether you’re seeking a tranquil evening for two or a gathering of kindred spirits, our patio bar invites you to revel in the magic of the moment as you unwind from your busy day.

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