Park Village Resort by KGH Group | Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu


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Earth Watch Restaurant
Capicity: 125
Location: Banyan, main lobby building
View: Swimming pool, bar and lobby

Pagoda (Pan-Asian Restaurant)
Cuisine: Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Mongolian
Capicity: 50
Location: In-front of swimming pool (ground floor)
View: Swimming pool and Al Fresco
Feature: private room
(10 pax with view of the live kitchen)

Buddhanel Restaurant
Multi-cuisine and buffet restaurant
Capicity: 80
Location: above Pagoda Restaurant
View: Swimming pool

Al Fresco
Multi-cuisine and buffet restaurant
Capacity: 60
Location: Outisde Earth Watch Restaurant
View: Swimming pool and fish pond

Water Hole Bar
Snacks, domestic & imported alcholol beverages
Capacity: 40
Location: main lobby bilding
View: Gazebo and fish pond

Swimming Pool Snack Bar
Easy-and finger-snacks
Capacity: 60
Location: Swimming Pool