KGH Dream Garden Restaurant

The KGH Dream Garden Café is a relaxing outdoor restaurant in the famous KGH garden. It’s a surprising oasis inside and guests enjoy the peace and serenity of the garden often spending the whole day reading, sun bathing and simply enjoying the natural beauty with good food.

Our food variety ranges from Continental, Chinese and Indian. We also serve the world famous Illy Coffee. Our Indian clay oven is highly popular and included in this site are some of our popular recipes from the kitchen. Do test your culinary skills back home if you like the KGH taste.

The garden has the famous KGH “Walk of Fame” which holds the name of all the popular and famous visitors to the hotel such as mountaineers, artists, singers, actors and writers.

Illy Coffee

The best tasting fresh European coffee prepared in strict accordance to the Illy method, served in Café Bahal or the garden. 

Inner Sanctum Restaurant

This newly founded restaurant in the old palace courtyard has a wonderful ambiance, in candle-lit evenings especially, which compliments the varied menu.